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In 1975, visionary winemaker, Luigi Bosco created a scintillating new wine from Moscato grapes harvested in Canelli, Italy where many of the best Moscato vineyards in the world are located. Luigi’s passion to create great wine led to a production process that allowed him to create flavorful wines with a slight frizzante – seductive wines that are enjoyed today around the world. Canei is the perfect wine for everyone who likes to share good moments with friends.

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Canei Anniversario

Canei, the Original Moscato, Celebrates its 40th Anniversary – Salute!
Make everyday a special occasion with “Canei Anniversario.”

To celebrate Canei’s 40th anniversary, we present “Canei Anniversario” a Limited Edition sparkler! Canei Anniversario is a dry sparkling wine with fine delicate bubbles, soft on the palate with classic Canei freshness and notes of tropical fruit.

Varietals: A unique blend of Verduzzo, Trebbiano and Chardonnay

Tasting Notes: Spirited on the palate with succulent notes of tropical fruits and a refreshing acidity.
Serving Suggestion: An excellent aperitif or the perfect sparkler for a special occasion.